(Why being in integrity needs to be a top priority when serving others)

To all those who aspire to live a better life … a life with more joy, freedom or love.

Who do we choose as a guide / coach / therapist? 
Who do we take advice from?

Looking at myself, I feel a lot more comfortable taking someone’s advice when the person has overcome similar challenges … when that person has walked the talk

I often get asked by clients

“Frank, what about you? Have you done your homework?”

That means they ask:

Do You walk your talk? ARE you what You preach? Do you have integrity? Can I trust your guidance?

I personally would not trust a colleague fully who has not done personal work …it would be out of integrity … Because …. 

Our vision is to heal psychological struggles with psychological means and tools (and we have truck loads!) 

Our promise is that people can have a better life and better relationships by developing skills and strategies that we teach. 

Our promos is that we can get out of unhappy relationships, overcome low mood, master fear and create a great life. 

It is only fair to expect that a professional has applied that to themselves, right? 

Having done personal work means … 

We have looked into own blind spots and own fears.

We have exposed ourselves to an incredible way of learning 

I had a good chunk of personal work done like 25+ years ago …

It took place in a setting that has gotten out of fashion today …

because it took place in group of 4-8 people … we met weekly .. no one on one counselling … just group. Psychoanalytic. 

The topics arose from what each of us presented  … that was the structure … the objective was to be as open as possible. 

Boy … It was exhilarating, challenging and quite scary at times … being open and showing stuff triggered deeper stuff … having that witnessed by others is scary and the healing is amplified in a group.  

Such a valuable experience .. my take-aways were massive,  the shifts in my subconscious mind … totally different to what I expected … 
What I expected was … a quick fix (😂) … but what I received was priceless! 

Years later I re-engaged with group work as professional development.

Kickstarter was a group workshop that blew my mind in 2002, 
Since I consumed as many workshops as possible to really learn that stuff … family constellation work – way more than 1000 hours …

I believe I experienced some of the most powerful group stuff that money can buy.


❣️Group work has enormous power.❣️Group work has much more potential for healing than any 1 on 1.

➡️ To leave the past behind.➡️ To master fear.➡️ To create a vision of our desired future.➡️ To improve self-love➡️ To access our inner wisdom

What most people don’t know … Even without having to present our own issues …. We enjoy participating, listening or observing. And benefit 💯.
That’s because ….

❣️ Proximity is power … exposure is power …

The healing that takes place ripples through the group

For 2020 …

I want to give you the gift of groups …

From mid-January onwards, I want to do half-day Workshops and other live events.

I’d like to hear from you …

a) Sunday afternoon would suit most people…b) Midweek, Wednesday night 6-10 pm work better?

Please let me know and reply here or FB messenger.Wishing you a fab time leading up to the festive season.