(Is self-therapy for psychologists superfluous or an act of integrity?)

To all those who aspire to live a better life … a life with more joy, freedom or love.

Who do we choose as a coach or therapist?  Who do we take advice from?

Clients frequently ask “Frank, what about you? Have you done your homework?”

That means they want to know: Have you been to counselling? ARE you what You preach?

Because … that want to know if they can trust me that I’m not just a talker. 

Also, who wouldn’t feel more comfortable with someone who has overcome life’s challenges?

Because that psychologist or coach

  • Has stepped into the client’s shoes.
  • Has stepped outside of their comfort zone.
  • Has looked at what they have avoided to look at.
  • Has brought into the visible what have been hiding from self and others!

There is value in that for the clients because the therapist models seeking help … they are more sensitive in their interactions because they have experienced it themselves.

They have embodied how to help clients to work with their blind spots because they have looked into their own blind spots.

Therefore I expect that every clinician to have done their own personal work.

I expect that they have been at the receiving end of the service they offer to their clients.


Why not!

Because ….

Our mission is to heal psychological wounds with psychological means.

Our mission is to help people overcome low mood, master fear and create a great life.

A practitioner is credible when they model the work … when they acknowledge and address their own issues

It also means …

I am better at helping clients with their blind spots because I have looked into my own blind spots.

I am better at helping clients with their fears because I have learned so much about the nature of my own fears.

I had a good chunk of personal work done like 25+ years ago … in weekly meetings of 100 minutes … a group of 4-8 people. To say it was not easy would be an understatement. But good things don’t come easy.

I wrongly expected a quick fix … Yet my gains exceeded any expectations by far.

It inspired me so much that I became a group therapist and workshop-aholic-ed for more than 1000 hours to experience the most powerful group work that money can buy.

This experience allows me to work from a place of intuition and with a deep sense of certainty.

The value to clients is that they feel safe to go deep into their own workings and heal their emotional wounds.

As they release pain from the past they gain energy to create the life they desire.

Who do you choose as a therapist or coach? Doesn’t it feel good to know you’re in good hands?

Much love

Frank Breuer

Clinical Psychologist

Relationships, Small Business

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