Ways into a More Passionate Marriage

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Intimacy and sexuality in long-term relationships are close knit. Sexuality in couples goes well beyond the biological needs and drives.

If sexuality is unsatisfactory in a couple, the reasons behind can be manifold, some of them are self-explanatory and self-evident, some are hidden factors unknown to the couple.

Every partner brings certain problem-solving patterns into the romantic / marital relationship, which can clash with the partner and negatively impacts on the the interaction between the partners. Because they are unknown and hidden, the couple is unable to resolve and improve the interaction. Often with the help of a professional, each partner identifies their own contribution to the problem and the coping strategies that have not worked. This can be a time in which partners discover their vulnerability. A bit of courage helps to develop skills of authentic communication, of finding out more about yourself and your partner while getting closer to one another. Being optimistic and hoping for a better future is realistic, when we dedicate ourselves to the work. Successful couples report the tremendous reward from learning to have a relationship and to have a deep connection to each other.

Emotional closeness / intimacy is often the decisive key factor for a satisfying sexual intimacy.

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