Types of Referrals

Medicare Better Access

Your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician can refer under Medicare Better Access. The practitioner will prepare a plan under which you get up to 6 initial rebates and a total of 10 rebates per calendar year (link to Fees and rebates). Usually a gap fee applies. When making an appointment with the GP it is important to tell the receptionist that you want a referral to a psychologist as the GP needs around 30 minutes to discuss the care plan with you – please make sure you ask for a long appointment

Psychological Access Plus (former ATAPS)

The service is primarily for people who have difficulty accessing other psychological support due to financial or other circumstances. A range of services are available for people with mental illness, drug and alcohol issues or who are at risk of suicide or self-harm. Eligible clients can be referred by your GP, psychiatrist or pediatrician.  Please click to watch a short video by Dr James Baker.

Department of Veterans Affairs  / VVCS

Psychological services to our veterans can be accessed through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). You may access the services either through VVCS ( or you are entitled to 10 sessions if you hold a DVA WHITE or GOLD card. To access this service, you will require a DVA referral form from your GP or other medical professional.  Some limitations apply to eligibility for White card holders.


Work can be a health hazard psychologically, as well as physically. Whether the cause is conflict with co-workers or a manager, work place bullying, work overload, exposure to sexual harassment or burnout, a stressful workplace can lead to psychological injury such as depressed and anxious symptomatology, including but not limited to a major depressive disorder or Post-traumatic stress disorder.

The support of a psychologist may be part of your recovery. We accept referrals from a nominated treating doctor and can assist in Work Cover’s injury management by assessing psychological treatment requirements, psychological barriers that may impact upon the return to work process and therapeutic support to address those barriers.

Insurance Claims / Motor vehicle Accidents

After a Motor Vehicel Accident, psychological support may be required, if you experience symptoms linked to the accidents, including but not limited to anxiety related to traffic, disturbed sleep, night mares or agitation. Please check with your insurer or make an enquiry with us.