Interrupted Flow of Love causes trouble 

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It’s hard to believe that the “New Year” is already over a month old! Today I would like to share with you some of the impressions and insights I gained during my recent attendance of a 6 day conference on Family Constellations: The Australasian Constellation Intensive, with over a hundred attendees and 6 faculty members.

The atmosphere, the connectedness and the (therapeutic) spirit there really touched me, and literally everyone attending! As I wondered how this is possible, it came to me that in looking respectfully at the essentials of life and our being in the world, our senses of belonging and connection emerged. Then I was reminded about what the pioneer of this work, Bert Hellinger, once said: “All psychological problems stem from a disturbed flow of love.” This is a big statement on the one hand, but on the other it also sounds a bit simplified… However, looking back at hundreds of clients’ histories, it makes perfect sense to me. Also, neuro / brain research of the past decade again confirms that we are hard-wired for connectedness and attachment. The colloquial term for attachment is love. So, yes, whether we want or not, many problems arise from the injuries to attachment, which in fact are the injuries to the love in families. The healing of these injuries is supported by Systemic Therapy and Family Constellations.

Take care.


Frank Breuer, Clinical Psychologist

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