Terms and Conditions for the 4 day training with Heinz Stark

By registering to the professional development / training intensive with Heinz Stark you agree to the following terms and conditions and the disclaimer


$150.00 deposit is payable at the time of the registration. The balance is due at the expiry date of the Super Early Bird or Early Bird fee following the registration, or 29 October 2016, if registerered after the 15 October. Registration after the 29 October 2016 requires payment in full.

Cancellation policy and refunds

Should you change your mind or should you be unable to attend the training, for whatever reasons, please note that the organiser has financial commitments to the presenter and the venue.

Therefore deposits are not refundable. Additional payments (and only those) are to be refunded to 50%, if cancellations reach us 2 months prior to the even. No refund is to be made when you cancel on or after the 29 September 2016. You can, however, nominate a substitute participant. Cancellations are to be made in writing.

Training disclaimer

The intention of participating the training and teaching includes but is not limited to gaining knowledge, building skills, self-exploration, developing therapeutic techiques and exchange with others. Attendance to this training and teaching course may include experiential work that can be emotionally uncomfortable or challenging for some.

With registering to this event you confirm that you are emotionally stable. You will inform the organiser and the teacher, if you have a significant physical or psychological or psychiatric condition, as soon as reasonably possible. You will update the organiser as soon as possible should your condition change, at any time. While we will be supportive within reasonable limits, you agree that you are responsible for yourself and that, if further needs for counselling arise they need to be catered for by yourself.

Confidentiality: The data you submitted is stored safely in a management software. You agree to keep the information that was shared with you during the training confidential.

Indemnity: You agree to indemnify New Paths Psychology from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from my activities related to your participation at the Constellation training with Heinz Stark.