Taking the stress out of parenting

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I dont’ have the holy grail of reducing parenting distress, but I can help you understand about a common source of parenting discomfort.
Generally speaking parenting can be challenging regardless how much you love and enjoy being with your kids. This is nothing to worry about as such. Being physically and emotionally available 24/7 can be stressful and drain your energy. Being mindful of balancing Eustress and distress is key to happy parenting.
What if, however, you feel triggered by your children, when you find yourself over-reacting regularly? Yelling, screaming, belittling, punishment, you are out of yourself? Later, when you have your cool again, you regret.

“Over-reacting” means your reaction is not proportional to the “deed”. Concluding from the strong reaction your children receive they may start to believe that something is wrong with them, as a result. It means your children cop something that does not belong to them. If ongoing, they may even develop symptoms of anxiety or signs of depression.

Parenting often triggers memories of the wounds of your own parenting. Therapy can help you look after your inner child and help healing your wounds. Being at ease with yourself often takes the drama out of parenting. This helps you seeing the little ones in a different light. It helps your children because they feel safer. If you are o.k. they will be o.k. too. That way you can avoid to pass on your wounds. Also, sometimes we just need some input on strategies that have shown to work.

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