Constellation Work: Short and Empowering

“We recognize our work as one of the most powerful tools for systemic inquiry, personal healing and organizational and social change in the world.”
 International Systemic Constellation Association

Constellation work is energy work. We utilise the energy people bring to a situation to identify and transform unresolved emotional patterns and limiting beliefs. Constellation Work is a powerful tool.

The work is able to shift often only in one seminar or workshop. This is possible because we create the best possible environment to change. It is best to described as people are switched on and fully focused, “in the zone”, which catalyses change. Constellation Work was introduced to the wider public by German Bert Hellinger (also known as Family Constellations)  in the late 1980s and has spread around the globe rapidly. Bert Hellinger’s 83 books that were translated into 30 languages.

Fully relating to others

The perspective is holistic and focuses on three fundamental aspects in human life in families:

  • Belonging: Every family member has the same right to belong
  • Equilibrium of Giving and Receiving
  • Social Order in Families and Organisation: Everyone has their own special place

If one or more of above aspects are disturbed, people will have a limited life experience, e.g. painful relationships, depression and anxiety disorders or physical disease. These symptoms are often linked to traumatic events in the family of origin, that are sometimes unrelated to the suffering individual.

“A constellation shifts people’s perception of where problems come from and suggests ways to move forward differently that strengthen and build. The new perspectives allow issue-holders fresh insights, a renewed sense of possibility and a strong focus on action. In addition, a synchronous shift sometimes takes place in the real organisation or community that has been represented” (Judith Hemming).

Participants feel enriched by experiencing their own and other participants Constellations. Constellations can bring on new movement into the interrupted flow of love in families. Mutual respect and harmony between family members and healthier relationships to partners is often the result.

Constellation Work can help people who…

  • have difficult relationships
  • wish to be in a relationship
  • have been unsuccessful in finding a career path
  • wish to free themselves from family entanglement
  • have an unfulfilled desire to have children
  • wish to have pre-marriage counselling and clarify potential issues

Further areas in which Constellation Work can help …

  • Anxiety, depression, addiction, obesity and other chronic illnesses
  • When historical events burden the family
  • When parents want to find a good place for their children after separation