The Relationship Bootcamp

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The Relationship Bootcamp is an excellent tool for singles and people in relationships who desire to create outstanding relationships without 2 years of therapy.

Also, coaches, counselors, and psychologists who want to better help their clients can deepen their knowledge on couples relationships at any time, anywhere.
What you get:
8 learning modules delivered over 8 weeks. The topics cover the most relevant issues couples suffer from: emotional disconnection, communication issues, arguing, sexuality, etc. I bring together what I learned in 20 years working with couples.

If you are in individual counselling, the Relationship Bootcamp is an ideal addendum. Because the Bootcamp helps you build a general foundation and individual counselling allows you to go deep on your specific question. This is a true short cut to achieving best possible results because clients combine acquiring knowledge with practicing

Material/Video will be available for at least 3 months after the course is complete.