I took up Tai Chi and Qi Gong at the end of 1989/90, like 30 years ago.
I learned and practiced. I internalised. I have it. Forever.

Today, so much is touting the Quick fix solution.

You know what this really is?

It is the illness that pretends to be the cure!❗️

It’s overpromising and underdelivering, playing with essentailly it is B.S. and oneself. 

It is based on the instant gratification thing.

Many of our decisions are fuelled by instant gratification AKA short term consequences.

E.g. Having that 600kcal piece of cake because we FEEL like it.

It’s like lacking to see big picture and lacking to consider longterm consequences.

When we don’t consider the long term perspective in core areas …. we become depressed, anxious or addicted.

Because the rule is … when we do too much of what we feel like doing, the longterm outcome is detrimental to what we really want.

Since we have a tendency to make decisions based on short-term consequences, we buy the Quick Fix solutions.

Yes, they are so tempting.

Yet, quick fixes are solutions that are problematic In itself.

Because the return on investment is NEGATIVE! 💥

I do agree, that instant shifts are possible. It means that in a split second we can change a perspective and that changes how we feel.

Yet, lasting change is a different kettle of fish.

It’s a combination of strategies and approaches.

We need:

  • Mindset shifts and activations
  • Supportive others. Like mentors, coaches teachers and therapists. They reduce complexity, provide clarity. They have been there. They went through it. They have certainty that helps you build your certainty
  • Consistency.
  • Certainty.
  • A Why.

That is just an ad hoc, non-exhaustive list.

But you are getting the gist.

Because you already knew it deep down.

The investment I made 30 years ago still pays! 🔥

I guess it’s easy to see why I do not offer ANYTHING that smells like Quick Fix.

Guess what: the more you focus on the long run, the QUICKER you get there!


What a paradox! Yet, 100% logical. Psycho-logical. I trust that makes sense!

Then, the next step is consequently:

If change is like following a yet unknown path, and you desire change, then you want to be guided by someone who knows his stuff.

Like the pilot who landed a plane in the Hudson River after engine failure and saved the lives of all passengers and crew.

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Now it’s time to take action 😊


Frank Breuer