It breaks my heart all the time

It breaks my heart all the time …. not kidding…

I will be honestly talking about the biggest pain point in doing therapy with people …

People think it must be hard to be a psychologist.

They believe it’s hard to listen to all the stories and problems

They wonder how much I take home

They imagine that I often think about clients in my spare time.

None of this is really a problem.

In contrary, solving problems never gets boring.

Because it’s about really understanding the inner workings of a problem. The spirit of discovery

Finding answers to the question ‘what is behind the obvious’ is always different with each individual.

What are the common factors that bring the solution?

As problems have different layers, the process is like peeling an onion

Human learning is best in interaction with another human. A continuous process is good learning.

This is “normal” counseling for me … to go deep and really shift the inner workings for good … Aiming for long-lasting results. Because that is the best bang for the buck. As a practitioner, I can apply my skills fully.

Whether it takes 12-15-25 or more consultations …

So much to gain from a longer process … less ambition allows exploration … getting to know yourself more is a priceless gift.

Longer counseling is BEST PRACTICE …

I get that some people come for crisis management only…

And that is fine …

Yet there are many people who would enjoy a longer process …

When they approach their 9th or 10th session…. (And here is my pain point …)

Clients drop out

When the Medicare rebate stops after 10 sessions they are out of pocket 100%

They say .. “I am ok” or “I can’t afford it”

That breaks my heart all the time …

As they leave so much on the table

Because it is unfinished business … starting a journey and not finishing.

How would it be if your open heart surgery and not finished? The problem is not solved!

In counseling, it’s less dramatic.

Yet, seeing people fall off the wagon is my pain point.

Giving people the full experience and results gives me joy. Because I know that I did the best I can and that they did the best they can. 👍

Much love


Frank Breuer
Clinical Psychologist MAPS
Relationship and Small Business Coach
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