If you procrastinate please read this

Procrastination is a big obstacle to working efficiently. It can erode away our self-esteem.

Procrastination was no stranger to me too, in fact, it was more like a good friend, always there when certain tasks came up.

When I was in a state of procrastination I found it was hard to beat. My avoidance worked like a well-oiled machine. Distracting me from the task at hand.

To get me going I beat myself up. I called me names. Worked sometimes.

I dug deeper to find the root cause. Some explanation resonated. Perfectionism. Yes to a degree. Yet, what is hard for me is boring work. I am also much more efficient in a social environment (but work a lot on my own). I definitely needed a breakthrough.

Then I found a way to think about procrastination that helps me to take action straight away. And I am 100% in control.

When I am in a state of procrastination, I visualise that not 100% of me procrastinates. I visualize that 55% of me procrastinates and 45% of wants to do the task.

Then I visualize I had a personal assistant saying “Frank, This is scheduled in .. Do it”. This gives the part of me that wants to do the task the extra 10% required to get me over the edge.

What do you think? Useful?

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