I was shocked to hear …

I did not expect this. It shocked me. 😱

Because people strive to be in relationships.

We are herd animals. We are family animals. We want to have that specials significant relationship.

We want intimacy. We need it. It’s a need to have physical contact, including but not limited to sexual contact.

When I’m thinking about 25-39 years olds, I’m thinking the best time of life … health, drive, established careers and income.

Yet what shocked me is related to the research carried out by Relationship Australia.

According to their findings, 80% of the 25-39-year-olds struggle with their relationship.

The reasons include finances, work demands, children or illness/traumatic events.

Now I am wondering, why people don’t ask me more often to help them?

Because they believe that they can overcome the difficulties themselves.

The sad truth: this almost never happens.

Problems fester. They do not resolve by doing the same you’ve always done.

Why? Because we don’t know what we don’t know.

Like am iceberg, the invisible part of relationship issues is bigger than the visible, by far.

That means, to identify and address the true cause of the issue, a trained professional can save you a lot of pain. He can bring back joy and love.

I can show you how to process trauma and illness

I can show you how to overcome parenting issues and underlying causes. Like, often our own upbringing is an obstacle to trouble-free parenting.

I can often help with finances, too. Because financial stress and relationship stress correlate.

That means that relationship difficulties often result in financial stress, such as ‘spender-saver-dynamic.

Separation has a hefty price tag. Emotional pain. Money loss. Waste of time not lived. Self-esteem loss.

Reach out. You deserve it. Your relationship is worth it.

Much love


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