Systemic Constellations for Physical Symptoms

Family constellations for serious illness with New Paths Psychology

I am convinced that for each physical symptom a meaning can be found. This is based on decades of research and counselling. When in counselling the association between symptom and family situation is seen by the client and integrated (to use a technical term), the symptomatology often decreases significantly. The meaning is however subjective and is related to the client’s individual situation and his relations in his family.

A more general aspect involves emotional pain which can result in chronic distress on a physical level reducing the capacity of the immune system to protect the body effectively. We can see how symptoms are related to attachment injuries and trauma, such as loss of a child in pregnancy, untimely deaths. A tragic or unresolved attachment would is a typical issue in constellation work.

For instance, adverse childhood experiences may also be found in people suffering from asthma, chronic sleep problems, heart disease, poly-arthritis or even cancer.

Family Constellations can help resolve psychological components and offer support at clarifying internal conflict releasing painful memories.