Systemic Constellations for Perinatal Health

Family constellations for perinatal health with New Paths Psychology

Pregnancy and birth is one of the most amazing times in a man’s and a woman’s life. All people are hoping for is an uncomplicated pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end. This is truly a heartfelt and genuine need.

Perinatal health can be affected by a number of circumstances. When couples have an unfulfilled desire to have children, for instance, undergoing IVF treatment is often suggested, but not always is medical help successful.

For other families, the many adjustments during pregnancy and the first year after birth can result in overwhelming distress and mental health issues can arise.

Security of attachment requires a sensitive caregiver, responsive to the child’s needs, e.g. following the child’s lead whenever possible. The ability to respond to subtle requests for attention, comfort, holding or exploration and discovery will provide an increased sense of security for the child. Talking out loud about feelings, Babies soak up affection and love through their skin. Gentle touch shares the tenderness that every infant requires. Playful touch encourages joy. This responsiveness and presence of the mother can easily be disturbed not only as a result of adjustment distress but also when her own attachment experience was less than desirable.

Anxious attachments to own parents is a risk factor for both ante- and postnatal depression. A history of abuse and low self-esteem, major life events (e.g. migration), lack of family support are also well-known risk factors. Last (but not least) an unsupportive partner relationship often accounts for Post Natal Depression. Psychological support for a while is really what is needed here.

A few other circumstances come to mind that can challenge health and perinatal health, like cancer, repeated miscarriages, stillborn deaths, abortions, difficult previous pregnancies or the death of a mother during childbirth within our own family.

Empathic support and integrating the psychological side of health are important. Health is so much more than a medical issue. Counselling and Systemic Constellations help identify critical areas and point to solutions. Enquire today!