Systemic Constellations for Depression and Anxiety

Chronic anxiety or depression and other mental health issues almost always have a hidden link to a family member that had a difficult fate of some kind. The blind love of the child (that we once were) connects us to family members who suffered. It is as if people say “I follow you into illness”. This is called transgenerational trauma: although the suffering person has not experienced trauma herself, the trauma was passed down to her (I use the word “pass down” as a metaphor, strictly speaking the dynamic is the love of the child, some would say empathy, that stops the child from thriving). Systemic Constellations is probably the most advanced approach to identify loyalties and helps transform the love into mature love.

Common mental health issues like panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, drug and alcohol addiction, phobias, lingering grief, meaninglessness, ADHD and PTSD can have underlying transgenerational trauma.