Welcome to New Paths Psychology

Our Mission and our Values

We understand Psychological Therapy as the primary approach to improving emotional and mental well-being, and to manage psychological disorders. We support the vast range of Psychological therapies as   opportunities to learn and to grow with the aim of enjoying work, love and play more. Our approach is holistic and sees any individual in his unique circumstances.

We provide learning opportunities for couples and individuals for nearly all ages. We support and train other Mental Health Professionals

We want to help reduce stigma associated with mental health services by providing transparency in everything we do and by offering best possible services.

Professionalism ‘Living above the line’
We aim for the highest standards in our services to achieve the best possible results for you. Our approach is informed by psychological research, humanistic principles and innovative.

Humanistic foundation
We believe that all therapy requires a humanistic foundation, irrespective of the applied therapy modality. We believe in the innate desire for growth and for being connected meaningfully to others. We do not engage in mechanistic programs aiming at fixing symptoms. We seek to empower people to develop their own strengths.

We have deep respect for our clients’ idiosyncrasies and act accordingly to our values.
We only accept your instructions when convinced that we can achieve the goals you are looking for.

Positive Psychology
People have an innate drive to grow. We support developing empathy, gratitude, mindfulness, creativity, humour and courage. Relationships in families and at work will benefit too.

We are caring and supportive. We are also truthful and honest in the work we are doing together and respect any boundaries to helping.

We consider it a privilege to contribute to well-being and growth by partaking in people’s life at a very personal level.