Our Values

Mission statement

Improving Mental Health and the Quality of Life is what we are aiming to achieve for each and every client. Mental and physical health are two sides of the same coin. Our services follow a holistic approach. We promote Psychological Therapy as the primary approach to improve emotional and mental well-being. We believe that reducing stigma associated with mental health will improve the well-being in the community. We view medical dominance in the field of psychology as a view of yesteryear.

By far, the vast majority of psychological issues is based on learning gone wrong; Psychological therapy genuinely provides new learning opportunities.  Learning is rewarded by personal growth and by enjoyment for work, love and play.

We strive for the highest standards and are uncompromising in our care. We aim for a best possible process directing you to desired results. Our approach is informed by psychological research and humanistic principles.

Humanistic foundation
We believe that all therapy requires a humanistic foundation, irrespective of the applied therapy modality. We believe in the innate desire for growth and for being connected meaningfully to others. We cannot see therapy as a mere tool to technically reduce symptoms without looking at what is keeping a person from growing into their own strength.

We have deep respect for our clients’ idiosyncrasies and act accordingly to our values.
We only accept your instructions when convinced that we can achieve the goals you are looking for.

Positive Psychology
Our love of doing therapy is deeply rooted in the belief that people have an innate drive to grow. People want to become better partners, parents, co-workers and friend, but sometimes need help to do so. We believe it to be important to identify positive goals. We oppose mechanistic programs primarily aiming to fix symptoms.

We are caring and supportive. We are also truthful and honest in the work we are doing together and accept boundaries to helping.

We consider it a privilege to contribute to well-being and growth by partaking in people’s life at a very personal level.