Welcome to New Paths Psychology

Our Mission and our Values

New Paths Psychology provides counselling, psychotherapy, supervision and workshops to adults, children and couples. We integrate research-based modalities with other holistic practices so we can help clients to enjoy successful relationships, happiness and well-being.

Humanistic foundation and Positive Psychology
Traditional psychology focuses on problem-focused strategies. This is still important. We believe in the innate desire for growth and for being connected meaningfully to others. We seek to empower people to seek more happiness in their lives.  We support developing empathy, gratitude, mindfulness, creativity, humour and courage.

Relationships and genuine connection
Individual well-being is closely linked to the relationships we entertain, at work, at home and with friends. Relationships are defined by giving and taking, and by boundaries. We entertain supportive relationships with our clients, colleagues and team members. In counselling and therapy, a good fit between the client and the psychologist is paramount. Only in a trustworthy and genuine relationship the client can grow and develop new views.

Individual symptoms do not imply pathology
Suffering including chronic symptoms is the result of adapting to adverse conditions, of which those in childhood are most formative. Adapting to family circumstances is often guided by the need to restore a flow of love. The view that human suffering is the result of an individual pathology or illness stems from an outdated medicalised view.

Embrace and Drive Change
Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. We are seeking inspiration from outside academic psychology to find innovative modalities while we maintain a solid foundation in science. We strive to use best suitable approaches to create supportive environments for change.

Professionalism ‘Living above the line’
We aim for the highest standards in our services to achieve the best possible results for you. Our approach is informed by psychological research, humanistic principles and innovative modalities. We do not engage in mechanistic programs aiming at fixing symptoms.

Reducing stigma associated with mental health services
We consider psychotherapeutic modalities as the main approach to happiness and well-being and promote them pro-actively.  We seek to empower people to develop their own strengths. We reject exclusive medical treatment of mental health conditions.