Our vision, mission and values


We want to raise psychological health in our community, where people are empowered to lead the life the want and have the relationships they desire.


In order to live our vision and help people we provide psychological tools like counselling, psychotherapy, supervision and workshops to adults, children and couples. We help clients develop a positive psychology mindset and strength-based skillset, with established evidence-based and innovative psychological strategies.

Our “Why”

We believe that people have all the resources they need to create a purposeful, fulfilling and happy life. People have the innate wisdom to create what we need, together with others.We believe that people are able to implement lasting change. We believe that people can create loving relationships out of their own strengths and possibilities. The human experience is abundant and we are co-creators. We believe that suffering is an expression of being “stuck” and a cry for support. We believe that by treating ourselves and our relationships with love we are progressing into a better quality of life. We believe that psychotherapeutic modalities are the best choices for a wide range of real life challenges, in the physical and the psychological world.   We believe that mental and physical health are two sides of the same coin. We believe that psychological and medical expertise to be equal in the field of health and well-being. 


Excellent customer service
We want to give you an excellent experience so you can achieve best possible results that support you long after you finished the work with us. We create an environment to support our work together.

Supporting each other is the core of our team. We share our experience, learn and create something unique.

Growth is one of our innate needs that moves us our entire life. We want to grow gracefully and responsibly. We promote growth for both clients and team-members, personally and professionally. Setbacks are opportunities. Growth is reaching out for help.

We welcome innovation as a part of life to improve the way we work, we relate and we do therapy.

Gratitude and Happiness
We are thankful for the opportunity to work with a wide range of motivated and engaging clients. We are grateful to work in a supportive environment and that we contribute to people’s well-being