Couples counselling

Nobody is ready for Marriage. Marriage makes you ready for Marriage

– David Schnarch

Couples can experience difficulties at any stage in their relationship.  We all long for harmonious relationships, but ongoing challenges can have quite a distressing effect on our lives. Distressed relationships are very common too. Couples counselling can be a priceless option, because much of the distress does not merely result from challenging circumstances, but predominantly from a lack of skills in problem-solving, decision-making, communication and … from a lack of fun!

Challenges are manifold, but the most common ones are related to emotional and sexual disconnection, lack of joy, raising children and controlling behaviours

Couples counselling can enable you to resolve issues such as sexual problems, communication difficulties or parenting challenges. It can help to address your situation honestly and overcome “old” patterns and limitations, resulting in a new dimension of freedom and fulfillment.

As said, raising children is a common challenge. When you live with children, Couples counselling can help to make family work again and you can enjoy the small things with pleasure and love. Children need parents who are “happy enough”. Children who display challenging behaviour will almost immediately change once parents improve their relationship with one another.

Check your relationship issues

  • You’ve lost the spark?
  • You live together like flatmates?
  • Drained? Unhappy?
  • Not feeling appreciated, lack of affection and intimacy
  • Unresolvable conflicts, too much fighting, arguing and bickering
  • Adjusting to a new baby / becoming a family
  • You feel controlled?
  • You feel lonely?
  • Conflicts with your partner’s family
  • Unfulfilled desire to have children
  • Sexual difficulties, lack of desire, premature ejaculation, menopause

How can Couples counselling help?

Couples counselling is helping you to identify the factor that are underlying your issues. Relationship issues have a visible part and an invisible part, like only a small portion of an iceberg is visible. The reasons that led to the difficulties you seek counselling for are invisible. For successful outcomes they need to be seen and understood.

What to expect in the first sessions:

At the beginning couples are distressed and literally ‘stuck’, often not able to see the silver lining behind the cloud. As a first step, strategies can be implemented to calm the situation and to develop a good enough foundation for the next step.

The next step in Couples counselling is skill building. New ways of communicating are implemented and applied, being able to better understand emotionally and offer acceptance for the other having different preferences and needs. Learning to talk about difficult or controversial topics, learning to make mutually agreeable decisions, shaping a relationship of rich exchange of giving and taking and dealing with unfinished business are further options in couples counselling. New ways of relating become more and more convenient as you become more skilled. Depending on your issue constellation, this process can be shorter or longer, but is the phase in counselling that can best described as ‘work phase’. The destination is a more functional marriage.

A third phase in Couples counselling can be described as consolidation of the learned, spreading out sessions (e.g. once a month) and slowly fade out counselling.

Couple sessions can be combined with individual sessions, depending on your individual situation. The counsellor is neutral that means his focus is on improving the relationship and he does not take sides with a person.

A functional marriage keeps us healthier and even helps having a longer life by reducing stress. Improve your relationship is rewarding. You know you can do it because you did it. The improvements in your marriage are the results of the efforts you put in. Separation is not the automatic end of your problems; you may bring unfinished business into a new relationship and chances are that troubles will start sooner or later.

Call and enquiry. The best time to start your journey is … now. You guessed it ;-).


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