Chronic Pain Management

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One in five Australians suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts beyond the expected time for healing after surgery or trauma, and can exist without any clear reason. Chronic pain is a complex experience, which is influenced by physical, psychological, and social factors. Every day life is affected in so many ways, from work capacity to emotional reactions or physical limitations.

If you suffer from chronic pain, it is critical that you learn to manage the pain without relying on pain killers.

The complexity of pain experience can lead to feelings of overwhelm and helplessness. Daily decisions can become difficult to make. It is not surprising that depressed moods and anxiety disorders are common in people suffering from chronic pain. Experiencing depression or anxiety will make the discomfort harder to manage.

A professional can help you find ways to managing your condition. Identifying and addressing relevant factors affecting you is the best way to reduce complexity.

Psychologists at our practice are well equipped to help you find it easier to manage complexity and to address relevant factors. We can help you …

  • to be more accepting of your condition
  • to learn relaxation / meditation techniques
  • to make healthier life style choices suitable for you
  • to develop a support network (family, close friends, local support groups)
  • to sleep better
  • to incorporate pain management using Clinical hypnosis

At the beginning, your process can feel like an uphill battle, but after a while it seems doable and after further practice the new life style can become second nature.
Recharging, enjoying life and creating well being for yourself can become a satisfying and natural part of self-care.

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