Counselling for Children and Adolescents

We see children from the age of six years onwards.

Emotional health is important for everyone, but for children in particular, as chronic emotional distress can delay their maturation and skill development. When children have emotional difficulties, parents regularly feel helpless and do not know how to help their children. Children rather show us with their behaviour that something is not right for them than using their words to express their feelings.

At New Paths, we aim at making families work. Our approach to child and adolescent counselling is holistic. The family as a whole and the parent-child relationship is the primary place for learning and for feeling safe. The child is affected by what is happening in the family, and the family is affected by the child’s behaviour. The ability to grow and develop freely is largely determined by the quality to the primary carer and to peers.

Learning to manage difficulties  with child and adolescent counselling can boost healthy self-esteem and confidence in children. Parents can learn to respond more calmly to unwanted behaviour and develop the skill to parent with perspective and clarity.

A specialised child psychologist helps to assess the child’s difficulties individually and provides a space of learning and growth. Addressing the difficulties from different angles can be advantageous. We offer sessions for children, parents and combined sessions.

Our child psychologist successfully applies Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). She is trained and experienced in “Cool Kids” Anxiety treatment for children which was developed by Macquarie University. She is also drawing from programs like “Chilled Plus” anxiety and depression treatment module for teenagers to overcome fears and worries.

Children can learn about feelings and anxiety and they can learn to assess situations more realistically. They develop assertiveness and a new perspective on how to approach challenging situations more confidently. They learn to problem-solve. Parents can learn about parenting their anxious child.

Child and adolescent counselling is a worthwhile investment in the well-being and the future of your child.

We have the expertise to assist you with a wide range of common difficulties.

  • Anxiety and Social Anxiety / Shyness
  • Withdrawal / depressed mood
  • Loss of interest and irritability
  • Managing ADD/ADHD
  • Poor school engagement / School refusal
  • Bullying
  • Oppositional behaviour and anger issues
  • Adjustment following separation / divorce

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Medicare Rebates are available for clients with a valid Mental Health Care Plan from your GP.

Gap free treatment is available if you obtain an ATAPS referral from your GP or paediatrician.