about our Systemic Workshops

Our workshop format allows learning to happen on several levels and you will find your experience in the group to be enriching, yet safe. Workshops have benefits that individual sessions cannot provide. The opportunity to learn from others and with others: social learning is very effective because it is natural – yes we are social creatures and learn by interacting and observing others, also by taking part in their experience.

The tool Systemic Constellations helps us to go to the core of issues faster than other psychotherapeutic tools. Yet, a workshop is more than Systemic Constellations. A workshop is about learning what works in families and other social systems. How physical illness can have a family component, how difficult behaviour of children can be understood. Perhaps you have a work related question or a decision to make and need assistance. We can help.

You can engage on different levels – you go at your own pace, participation is your choice and voluntary

You set up your own constellation. This provides you with the highest level of engagement, feedback and intervention. A constellation may take up one hour.

  • The role of being a representative. You stand in for other participants’ constellations and have a first hand experience of different positions and roles.
  • As mindful observer: learning by observing and taking in other’s experiences
  • Excercises in twos and threes: exploring issues in a small group

Different levels allow you to engage as much as you need

As mentioned before, benefitting from a workshop does not require you to share details of your story with others.

Systemic Constellations is both a stand-alone approach and also an addition to individual sessions.