Values and Mission statement

Everyone has the capacity to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. We are social beings and the most effective way of learning happens in authentic relationships. Learning to overcome and live with emotional struggle that inevitably comes with life’s challenges is rewarded by personal growth and by enjoyment of work, love and play. We support psychological and medical therapies that are based on humanistic principles and see a person in all his/her complexity. Our approach is informed by research, but we oppose mechanistic programs aimed primarily at fixing symptoms.

We strive for the highest standards and are uncompromising in our care. We aim for a best possible process directing you to desired results.

We have deep respect our clients’ idiosyncracies and accept boundaries to helping. We only accept your instructions when convinced that we can achieve the goals you are looking for.

We love what we do. It’s a calling that drive us naturally.

We are caring and supportive. We are also truthful and honest in the work we are doing together as a team, with the best outcomes for you in mind.

We consider it a privilege to contribute to well-being and growth by partaking in people’s life at a very personal level.