Solutions for Individuals and Couples

Frank-Breuer-Clinical-Psychologist-300x300Everyone needs help from a professional every now and then. New Paths Psychology is an independent private practice to assist you with a range of personal difficulties. New Paths Psychology stands for contemporary treatment approaches deeply rooted in humanistic philosophy. Providing high quality counselling and psychological therapies is not a marketing phrase for us. It is a natural endeavour, guided by the desire to help professionally. We offer therapy for common issues like mood-, depressive and anxiety disorders, and we have a special interest in helping people with trauma and relationship issues. You benefit from our rich experience in working with people from all walks of life since 1995.

You have access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy but also to specialised approaches like Schema-Therapy, Dialectic-Behavioural Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis. Couples are very welcome to counselling, too. Our service is personal and comprehensive.

Each and every symptom has been developed in a context of circumstances. The mind and the body are not separated. Our view aims to be a truly holistic psychological perspective. We do not agree with a medicalised view of symptoms and difficulties.

Our expertise covers competent assistance with Post-traumatic stress disorder, Depressive and Anxiety disorders, Drug- and Alcohol use, other forms of addictive behaviour, relationship and family difficulties, Perinatal and Pregnancy issues. Children are supported when they present with anxiety, ADHD, sibling rivalry, school refusal, shyness (social anxiety) and much more.

Look no further …

  • if you value an experienced and caring team
  • if you prefer practitioners trained as extensively as medical specialists
  • if you appreciate the flexibility of a wide range of contemporary treatment approaches
  • if you are looking for sliding scale fee including no gap for eligible clients
  • if convenient locations suit your needs
  • if you wish to receive Medicare rebates on the spot

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