Solutions for Individuals and Couples

Frank-Breuer-Clinical-Psychologist-300x300New Paths Psychology stands for high quality counselling and psychological therapies. Helping is our profession. Expertise and care are our assets. We specialise in providing therapies for mental health and relationship issues. You benefit from our rich experience in working with people from all walks of life since 1995.

New Paths stands for balancing innovation and tradition. We stay in touch with latest development in the field but we are thoroughly trained in established approaches.

We are well trained in Short-term therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis but also in specialised approaches like Schema-Therapy and Dialectic-Behavioural Therapy for ongoing support. Our experience helps identify and address relevant factors quicker. We help people across the life span from as early as 6 years. Couples are very welcome to counselling, too. Our service is personal and comprehensive.

In understanding the individual we see his or her relations to family, partners, coworker and friends. This systemic view is a truly holistic psychological perspective, including what belongs and what is relevant. We avoid to individualise symptoms and difficulties. In return we can help you more effectively.

Expect competent assistance with Post-traumatic stress disorder, Depressive and Anxiety disorders, Drug- and Alcohol use, other forms of addictive behaviour, relationship and family difficulties, Pregnancy issues. Children are supported when they present with anxiety, ADHD, sibling rivalry, school refusal, shyness (social anxiety) and much more.

Why choose us?

  • Experienced and caring team
  • Flexible appointment times
  • We cover a wide range of contemporary treatment approaches
  • Sliding scale fee including no gap for eligible clients
  • Medicare rebates on the spot
  • Convenient locations

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